Integration Platform for commerce

Integration Platform for Commerce

Gather all your connections in our integration platform. It ties together all data flows between e-commerce, accounting systems, payment service providers, marketplaces, point of sales, warehouse and transport management systems.

Integration Platform
Our platform Get started right away with our connected systems Our platform has ready support for a variety of systems and the range is constantly growing. Get started by connecting, configuring, and then let our platform do the heavy lifting.. Learn more
FOR DEVELOPERS Create an integration between your system and our integration platform As a developer, you have the opportunity to build an integration yourself to gain access to a range of other systems. There are different options depending on the conditions you have and the opportunities you see for increased sales by utilizing our infrastructure.
Connector Public
PUBLIC CONNECTOR Create Connector for the ecosystem A Connector developed by you with support from us. It is published along with all other Connectors for customers to use. Learn more
Connector Private
PRIVATE CONNECTOR Create Connector for own use When you need to expand with specific systems that are not already supported. Mix standard Connectors with your own integrations. Learn more
iPaaS Embedded Embed our technology in your product Maintain the user experience and customer relationship in your product by leveraging Sharespine's systems integration technology. Learn more
A PLATFORM FOR GROWTH Functions specially developed for commerce Get access to functions and tools that allow you to create automated workflows between your business systems. Automations that greatly contribute to reduced manual work and free up time to grow the business forward.
Automated accounting Documents for closing of the day, settlements and other accounting-based documents can be automated through the platform and your connected financial and business system.
Multiple sales channels Product data and sales from various channels such as online store, store checkout or marketplace are collected in a uniform and automated flow in the platform.
Sales status Events in relation to the handling of your sales, regardless of channel, are fed back with information to the original channel for information to the end customer.
Product data Assortment with variations, flexible pricing & content from different systems are connected in the platform for customizable publishing in each sales channel.
Warehouse & Logistics Lagersaldo & sändningsinformation inklusive spårningsnummer automatiseras mellan olika system och knyter ihop kommunikationen mellan köp & leverans.
Reconciliation & Repurchase Payments from payment providers are automatically reconciled against your invoices in your accounting. The platform supports automated flows for invoices, gift cards and redemptions.
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