Sharespine Integration Platform

Integration Platform for Commerce

Gather all your connections in our integration platform. It ties together all data flows between e-commerce, accounting systems, payment service providers, marketplaces, point of sales, warehouse and transport management systems.

No loose ends
Product data and sales from various channels such as webshop, point of sales or marketplaces are compiled in a uniform and automated data flow within the platform.
Sales status
Reports are triggered when status on your orders occur – the information is sent back to the original sales channel.
Product data
Product offers with variations, flexible pricing & content from various systems are tied together within the platform for (controlled) publication in respective sales channels.
Stock & Logistics
Stock & shipment information including tracking numbers are automated between different systems, and tie together the communication between purchase & delivery.
Settlement & Refunds
Payouts from Payment Service Provides are automatically matched with invoices in your financial system. The platform supports automated flows for invoicing, gift cards and refunds.
We connect you.
Or you connect yourself.
The Integration Platform With our platform you get standardised integrations that automate and tie your data flows between different systems together. Suitable for: Any business that needs to automate workflows. More on The Integrations Platform
Embed our technology The iPaaS Embedded service is developed for anyone who wishes to offer their customers integrations between their products and a number of other systems – in their own interface. Suitable For A SaaS service that wishes to offer integrations to their customers. More on Embedded
Sharespine API Through an integration with Sharespine’s Integration Platform you will get access to a wealth of systems through a uniform API. Suitable For: Any business that wants to connect new systems to the integration platform. More on Sharespine API
One Stop Shop (OSS)
Get ready for One Stop Shop EU-sales

If you sell to private individuals in the EU you need to account for the new VAT regulations that come into effect on July 1st 2021 – One Stop Shop (OSS). In practice, you need to account for VAT at the rate that applies to the country in which your customer resides.

More on OSS
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