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Sharespine offers various features to efficiently automate orders, invoices, and payments. One option is called Automated Accounts Receivable, where sales activities is automated and recorded for each individual business transaction throughout the entire system chain.

The second option is called Aggregated Accounting, where aggregated sales and reconciliation information (summary) are posted daily, regardless of the number of events that have occurred.

Automated Accounts Receivable

Each sale and reconciliation is automated for each individual business transaction within the systems. The information is sent to the accounting and business system's accounts receivable for further processing.

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Aggregated Accounting

All sales and reconciliation are grouped per day and automated as a single unit, regardless of how many transactions were generated that day. The documentation is directly posted as ledger entry in the accounting or ERP system.

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PropertyAutomated Accounts ReceivableAggregated Accounting
Compatible with Connectors for webshops, marketplaces, and point of sale
Compatible with Connectors for payment systems
What is imported from the external system?Order or InvoiceOrder
What is exported to the external system?Order or InvoiceLedger entry
Accounts Receivable in the accounting system-
Inventory adjustment-
Number of ledger entries per dayOne for each unique sale, return, and reconciliation per day. This means 2 ledger entries per day per unique sale or return.One for all sales and returns on the same day, and one for all reconciliation documents on the same day.