Automated Accounts Receivable

Each business transaction flows individually through the systems. The information can come from one or multiple sales channels and is ultimately exported as an order or invoice to your accounting or ERP system. Finally, the reconciliation from the payment systems is linked to the respective sales documents, ultimately updating the accounts receivable in the accounting or ERP system.

Automated Accounts Receivable


Sales & Returns


Sales information

Sales and return information are imported through one or multiple of your sales channels. This means that the activities that have taken place in the sales channels are imported as information to Sharespine for further automation. By importing the sales information individually you have full flexibility on more logic being added to process the information as you desire.

Accounts receivable

The information is recorded in the accounting or ERP system as an order or invoice dated on the day of the activity. There is the possibility to influence the details of how the information is recorded depending on the conditions you define. The result is automated accounting where the accounts receivable are kept updated based on the business activities.



Fees & Payouts


Payment events

In the previous phase, we ensured that sales activities are recorded continuously individually. At a later time, events related to the payment processing occur, where fees and bank payouts take place. Information is imported from the payment service provider to automate this reconciliation process.


The information from the payment service providers are matched with their original sale. This means there is traceability between the sale, payment, any returns, and associated fees, as well as payouts to the bank.

Accounts receivable

Since reconciliation information is linked to their original business event the relationships are kept and communicated further down the system chain. This results in the accounts receivable being continuously updated with the business events that have occurred, creating a seamless automated accounting flow.


Accounting Methods

PropertyAutomated Accounts ReceivableAggregated Accounting
Compatible with Connectors for webshops, marketplaces, and point of sale
Compatible with Connectors for payment systems
What is imported from the external system?Order or InvoiceOrder
What is exported to the external system?Order or InvoiceLedger entry
Accounts Receivable in the accounting system-
Inventory adjustment-
Number of ledger entries per dayOne for each unique sale, return, and reconciliation per day. This means 2 ledger entries per day per unique sale or return.One for all sales and returns on the same day, and one for all reconciliation documents on the same day.