Accounting for store cash register

Connect your store's cash register system with the financial system and experience automatic accounting as it should be. Get started quickly and easily, where the day's accumulated transactions, regardless of the number of devices, are recorded as daily closures when the cash register closes.

  • Support for the open format for accounting data - SIE4
  • Additional appendix with detailed documentation linked to the accounting
  • Validation and follow-up of the status of completed transfers
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How it works

Cash Registers

All daily activities in the cash units are recorded and managed as part of the cash register system as a whole. At the end of the day or when the cash register closes, accounting documentation is created.

You control in the system how the accounting documentation should be posted and how this documentation should be digitally exported.

Cash registers
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Accounting with Attached Documentation

Sharespine supports the open standardized accounting format SIE4 and can receive the documentation via email, which is commonly supported by point-of-sale systems. There’s also an option to include additional attachments as documentation for the accounting.

If you want to establish a direct connection, we also offer a standardized API to submit accounting documentation to a range of different financial systems through a single integration.

SIE File
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Financial Systems

With 20 years of experience in integrations with financial systems, we know what is required to create successful automated accounting.

Today, we support a range of popular financial systems on the market that are compatible with our workflows and easy to get started with.

PS. If there are integration needs for financial systems outside the Swedish market, we have that too!

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