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Access to multiple systems using one single API

We offer our service API Connector to anyone who wishes to connect a system that isn’t already available in the Sharespine ecosystem. Perhaps a productivity system that needs to be connected in a broader context. Via an integration through Sharespine API you will gain access to a wealth of other systems in a coherent API.

Embedded IPaaS
API for sales transactions
We focus on systems and transactions in digital and physical sales. Connect to an infrastructure of 50+ systems and a reliable partner on the forefront of technology.
By integrators, for integrators
Sharespine has been integrating systems for two decades. We offer our API to external partners who wish to take advantage of our infrastructure and expert knowledge.
Lower overall costs
Develop and maintain an integration through the Sharespine Integration Platform. We’ll take care of the infrastructure and ecosystem of connectors.

Examples of implementations

Aggregated sales from various channels

Get access to a uniform order flow from a range of sales channels. Sales and returns are represented in a single format regardless of the underlying sales channel. The source is always available per order for maximum flexibility and handling moving forward through the system chain. Reports of events such as order status and package tracking are automatically communicated to the underlying sales channel.

Payment information from various channels and payment systems

By taking advantage of Sharespine’s pre-made Connectors against renowned payment systems you can easily set up an integration where data from a broad range of payment systems can be managed with ease. Read payment and settlement information connected to sales channels and returns where the original source always remains available, to optimize bookkeeping later on in the system chain regardless of the payment type and source.

Enrich and publish products on multiple channels

Product information can be managed, improved and controlled via different systems and in a uniform format. Segment your product offers for optimal exposure in select sales channels, for example a different product description and other parts of the offer on your own e-commerce compared to marketplace 1, 2 and 3. By collecting the product flow in an integration platform you receive many benefits related to scaling, manual aspects are eliminated and data integrity is optimized.

Aggregerad försäljning från olika kanaler

Få tillgång till ett enhetligt orderflöde från ett antal försäljningskanaler. Försäljningar och returer representeras i ett och samma format oavsett underliggande försäljningskanal. Ursprungskälla finns alltid tillgänglig per order för maximal flexibilitet och hantering vidare i systemkedjan. Återrapportering av händelser såsom orderstatus och paketspårning kommuniceras automatiskt vidare till underliggande försäljningskanal.

Betalinformation från olika kanaler och betalsystem

Genom att dra nytta av Sharespines färdiga Connectorer mot välkända betalsystem kan en integration göras där data från en brett antal underliggande betalsystem smidigt hanteras. Ta del av betal- och avstämningsinformation kopplat till försäljningar och returer där ursprungskälla alltid finns tillgänglig så eventuell bokföring senare i systemkedjan kan optimeras beroende på betaltyper och källa.

Berika och publicera produkter i olika kanaler

Produktinformation kan hanteras, berikas och styras via olika system och via ett enhetligt format. Segmentera produktsortiment för exponering i utvalda försäljningskanaler, t.ex. olika produkttexter och delar av sortimentet via egen webbutik och andra för marknadsplats 1, 2 och 3. Genom att samla ihop produktflödet via en integrationsplattform kan många skalfördelar och manuella moment elimineras och dataintegritet optimeras.

Our model for successful integration projects


Development environments

We offer a sandbox environment and tools for your developers to work with. Our toolbox contains crucial components for effective integration work.

Documentation & Best practices

There are get-started-guides, reference manuals and important tips and advice to consider. We always recommend planning for the bigger picture before proceeding with development.

Testing & Quality Assurance

We can’t stress enough the importance of testing and performing quality checks. Use cases and test scenarios from real life are advantageous in order to seriously challenge every aspect of operation prior to going live.

Go live

Launching is always a challenge, but with proper planning and assuming the right preparation steps have been taken you have all conditions in place to launch with immediate successful results.


In cases when integration solutions are offered as a general solution for commercial use a common process is added that entails licensing, in order to ensure functionality.

Our offer

API ConnectorCustomer API ConnectorPartner
Integrate your third-party or customized business system for your own use Connect a system where the integration solution will finally be offered to joint end customers.
Basic license to gain access to develop towards Sharespine's integration platform.
Business Enterprise API Partner
Guides, reference manual and material for you to build knowledge of technical details and best practices.
Sandbox mirroring the production environment where development, testing and simulations can be performed.
API support
We are available to you in different channels depending on the license level.
E-mail E-mail, Video meeting, Workshop
Project contact
In the case of a more elaborate project with several parties, we can appoint a project contact with us who is available throughout the process.
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We are ready to tell you more

If you have any questions or just want to learn more about our API you are always more than welcome to get in touch with us! We will help you the best we can.