The service which makes it as simple to get paid as it is to take payments

With our automatic reconciliation service, payments from your payment provider are matched against the invoice in your Accounting system & booked.
This means that you do not have to handle the flow of payments manually all the way from Buy to all the way from Buy to Return.

Many different currencies can be used on the platform, based on the conditions defined by the respective payment provider and accounting system.
Payment transactions are collected automatically via API and matched with orders or invoices. Alternative payment methods, like gift cards, can also be handled by the platform.
You can define specific tax rules and accounts based on the country in which the sale takes place. For example, VAT can be 20% in France, 19% in Germany, 0% for non-EU sales, etc.
You choose the interval for when you wish to collect data from your payment providers. The frequency will depend on the routine of the payment provider.
Customized Payment Flows
Our Payment service is based on standardized work flows but can be customized based on specific needs, in close collaboration with you or your partners.
When a Refund is initiated a return order and credit invoice is generated in your accounting system. The refund is matched to the credit invoice which is accounted for and marked as complete.

Here’s how settlement of your payments work

1 The customer places an order in your webstore and pays using either Klarna, Svea Checkout, Nets, PayPal, Stripe eller Shopify Payments.
2 The payment is processed either in your webstore or by your accounting system.
3 Once the order has been delivered the purchase is activated by your payment provider, the order is marked as paid and an invoice is automatically created for bookkeeping in your accounting system.
4 When the payment provider pays you your money the payment transactions are automatically matched against your ledger for each payment provider in your accounting system. The payment provider fees and possibly tax are also posted automatically to the respective account, and the invoice is then marked as paid in full.

Connectors with support for settlement of payments


Accounting systems

How do we get started?

Requirements Each collaboration starts with a technical requirement session where we together review your needs to find just the solution that suits you.
Review with expert Our experts do a screening of the project to ensure that you have all the details in place before delivery.
Onboarding Delivery, setup and training take place together with you so that you feel safe in all processes during and after onboarding.
Support After delivery, we take responsibility for the operation, support and maintenance of your integrations and are always close at hand by phone or email.

Want to learn more?

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