IPAAS Embedded

Use our iPaaS for all your integrations

Our service iPaaS Embedded is aimed at anyone who wants to offer their customers an integration between their product and a range of other systems – using your own interface. Sharespine will assist you with infrastructure, technology and know-how in a packaged setup that will grant you the ability to embed our technology and take advantage of a palette of ready-to-use integrations via a single API.

Time to market
Sharespine has more than a decade of experience in system integration realized through our integrations platform. We now offer our partners the ability to use this platform to meet the market in record time.
Always updated
We put a lot of work into maintenance, being compatible, and making use of new features in the systems we are connected to. Let us do the work for you, so that you can focus on your own product.
Developer friendly
We are developers ourselves and understand the importance of offering solid documentation, support and technology. All to make the work on your integrations and the experience as smooth and time efficient as possible.

Embed our technology into your product

For a decade and a half, Sharespine has garnered experience, developed and refined our ecosystem of system integrations. These are integrations focused primarily on systems in sales. The platform we have built, and use ourselves, is now offered to our Embedded-partners to use. This means that you, as our partner, can integrate our platform via a single API, and make use of a range of ready-to-go integrations that we have developed and maintain for you. You stay in control of the customer and user experience.

Technologically, all this works thanks to you handling the interface of your own product. Via an API that we expose you can integrate through us, and we are the ones managing the technology, operations and monitoring of it in a packaged solution. This helps you approach the market with a competitive offer in no time at all, with a reliable partner on the forefront of technology by your side.

Functionality & advantages

Project group

We will put together a project group which will work with you throughout the entire collaboration


Our employees have vast experience in software development and integrations.


Our range of Connectors make up an ecosystem of ready-to-go integrations..

Overview & insights

You’ll get access to administration panels to stay on top of shared customers.


Our integrations follow best practices for each individual system and its API.


Our platform is built to scale, from small to extremely large volumes.

Support & SLA

Details of the collaboration are regulated through a clear agreement aimed to lead to a long-lasting relationship.

Save time

Repetitive and time-consuming work should be automated for increased efficiency.

Data integrity

Minimize the risk of errors related to manual data management.

Tried & tested

Your customers are in the good company of thousands of others every day.


The customer never leaves your graphic interface throughout the integration.


Your user experience and our technology provide the best of two worlds.

Our formula to a successful collaboration


Dedicated project group

Our experts support you all the way, from start to launch and onward. We create a dedicated work group and project routines from day one.

Development opportunities

We offer test environments and tools for your developers to work with. Our toolbox includes crucial components for efficient integration work.

Embedded SDK

We provide a collection of crucial resources such as documentation and API:s for:

  • On/off-boarding – Friction free authentication against external systems through for example OAuth-flow.
  • Configuration – Your interface, your user experience, we provide configuration opportunities.
  • Events – Easy access to insights, events and logs at an arm’s length.

Create a user interface in your system

You own the user of your product for a friction free, intuitive and safe experience. Below the surface we use our technology to provide your customers with world class system integration.

Testing & quality control

Test scenarios using real use cases to quality check the entire chain. Our test environments are available to ensure the process is as smooth and efficient as it can be.


Meet the market quick and efficiently with a customer offer and technology that is at the forefront. The best of two worlds where you can launch in record time.

Scale forward

Our infrastructure and platform are built to scale and our experts stay by your side all the way. We view the collaboration as a long-term partnership!

World class technology & competence

Our underlying infrastructure is built for the future. Each system component is fully redundant as is our data storage. We use partners and frameworks that are the best at what they do, and on top of this you’ll find our integration platform that has been developed in-house. We also have an organization and employees to back everything up and who possess years of experience and deep knowledge. We know what it takes to achieve a successful collaboration. Try us!
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