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With our platform you get standardized integrations to automate & tie your data flows between multiple systems together.

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  • Maintenance, Operations & Support for your integrations
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Product data

Your product data is synced and updated continuously between chosen systems, for example e-commerce, marketplace, accounting system and WMS. The information is tied together to ensure that price, stock, name, images, description, attributes, and article number are correct at all times – regardless of sales channel.

Orders & Logistics

Orders and invoices are collected from various sources and structured all the way from purchase to delivery. All order information is forwarded to your financial and accounting system – via configurable integrations.

Accounting & Refunds

Your sales are matched and compared to payments from various payment sources and recorded in your accounting system – fully automated. Even refunds and credits can be handled by the platform.

Features & Advantages

Authorization levels

An account on the platform can include one or multiple users. Each user can be granted authority to access all or parts of the account. Great for managing who gets access to what.

Business objects

Our business objects are the foundation of how information is managed across the entire platform, and how it’s exchanged with external systems. Business objects include Orders, Invoices, Payments, Products, etc. and are also exposed through our REST API.


A Connector is an implementation toward a specific external system. The connector includes a range of channels to export data through business objects. A considerable number of connectors can be combined. There are currently more than 40 standardized connectors across six different system categories.


Manipulators can be used on connectors to, based on predefined rules/conditions, influence incoming and outgoing data between the platform and external systems. Great for situations when certain customer-specific scenarios need to be resolved.


It’s possible to set up anything from simple integrations that automate the process of transferring data from A to B, to complex setups with multiple systems and data flows. There is existing support for complex flows and scenarios, for example to automate refund processes, settlements, invoicing and shipment tracking.


There are numerous ways to get the platform to exchange data with external systems. There are built-in mechanisms to initiate transactions through; scheduling, edited information in the business object, webhooks, manual commands, and more. The options offered in each individual case depend on the conditions of the external system.


The platform is built on modern infrastructure and technology to meet the demands of high transaction volumes. We have carefully selected operations partners, technicians and tools to give us the conditions to create a world class integrations platform.


The platform is built using an approach where API is a natural foundation of the platform. That’s why our REST API has been built side by side with the rest of the platform. It’s possible to build an integration to access multiple systems.


In our developer portal you’ll have access to documentation, reference material and other resources to allow developers the opportunity to kickstart their work with the platform.


We offer technical support for our API to developers. In more comprehensive collaborations we can add competence on a project basis, by representing via an integrations specialist who will be part of the project team.

Partner panel

Your own login with an overview and shared access for customers, for support and configuration. You’ll also have access to statistics and a control panel.  

Authorization levels

There’s an authorization level system for users and partners, where different accounts can be used with varying access levels based on role and function, including rights for shared customer accounts.


In addition to our standard API we also have an accompanying Partner API, which provides additional functionality to automatically manage shared customer accounts, read statistics, etc.

How do we get started?

Your needs Each collaboration begins with a technical walkthrough where we review your needs together, to find the best solution for you.
Walkthrough with an expert Our experts carefully review the project to ensure that you have all details in place for delivery.
Onboarding Delivery, setup and training is carried out with you to ensure that you feel safe in every aspect, during and after the onboarding process.
Support Following delivery we are responsible for the operations, support and maintenance of your integrations and are always available by phone or e-mail.

Want to learn more?

You are always more than welcome to get in touch with us and we’ll assist you in the best possible way.

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