Bokföring för butikskassor
Accounting for Store Cash Registers

New service for easier accounting of physical commerce

The service connects your store’s cash register system with the customer’s financial system where the day’s collective transactions, regardless of the number of units, are recorded as daily closures when the cash register closes. Financial systems we support include Fortnox, Visma eEkonomi, Visma Administration, Visma e-conomic (DK), Visma eAccounting (NO / NL / FI), Xero (Globalt), Quickbook Online (Global).

The service supports, among other things; 

  • The open format for accounting data – SIE4 
  • Additional attachment with detailed supporting documents linked to your verification
  • Validation & receipt for approved transfers 
  • Standardized API for your own integration with the service
  • Possibility of reconciling payments from payment providers such as Klarna In-store.

Price from 19 Euro/month.
No startup fee