Sharespine partners with Abicart
Sharespine has partnered with Abicart, the e-commerce platform with over 3800 customers. The partnership means that Abicart becomes a Connector in the Sharespine integration platform, which generates new possibilities for Abicart customers to connect their various systems.

With more than 3800 active webshops Abicart is one of Sweden’s biggest e-commerce suppliers for small and large businesses that sell their products online. Abicart was founded in 1998 as Textalk Webshop and now boasts more than 20 years of experience in e-commerce, in B2C and B2B, with customers in multiple countries.

“We at Abicart see great benefits in the connection between our e-commerce platform and Sharespine. Automation is crucial to saving valuable administrative time – which can instead be used to develop the sales of your webstore,” says Björn Elfgren, CEO of Abicart AB.

The collaboration with Abicart means that Sharespine is opening up their integration platform to Abicart customers who want to connect their e-store with accounting systems, payment services, PoS and TA systems. Hence, the integration between Sharespine and Abicart gives Abicart customers the opportunity to take advantage of cost-effective integration packages that allow them to automate many manual processes in their e-commerce business.

“Abicart has long been great at making it simple to start a webshop. That’s why they have succeeded in taking a significant market share, with their thousands of online sellers. To us, it’s an important partner to have onboard in our flora of integrations. If Abicart wants to make it easy to start a webshop, we at Sharespine want to make it easy to integrate that store with surrounding systems and services,” says Runar Wahlgren, CEO of Sharespine AB.
Sharespine is expanding their integration platform by adding Abicart as a new Connector for e-commerce systems.

For more information:

Runar Wahlgren, CEO Sharespine AB
+46 70 8712 884

Björn Elfgren, CEO, Abicart AB
+46 70 6666 955

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