WiX Stores
WiX CMS + Checkout = Wix Stores

WiX Stores

Wix, the popular web development platform with over 200 million users, can now be more easily used by Nordic companies as Sharespine has launched an integration that, among other things, simplifies the accounting of sales data in users’ online stores.

The new integration solution for Wix Stores offers the ability to work with aggregated accounting as well as automatic reconciliation of payments and fees from the customer’s payment provider.

Aggregated accounting, i.e., consolidated records booked per day, means that Sharespine collects all orders from the Wix online store during a day and creates and records a voucher directly in the company’s financial system. This minimizes manual handling and saves time for entrepreneurs.

The solution also offers the possibility for reconciliation of different payment methods, which facilitates the reconciliation between payouts, payment methods’ fees, and the customer’s bank accounts. Among the supported payment systems are PayPal, Stripe, and Klarna.

Therefore, with Sharespine’s integration solutions, Nordic entrepreneurs using WiX Stores gain a more simplified administrative management of their sales and e-commerce.

By combining Wix’s powerful web development features with Sharespine’s advanced automation tools for accounting, a more seamless and efficient solution for businesses in the Nordic region is created.

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