Sharespine simplifies bookkeeping for small American business owners
Sharespine has been helping Zettle by Paypal automate integrations between Zettle and various accounting systems since 2019. Customers of Zettle can easily activate an integration with Fortnox, Visma, and others.
Background & Challenge

Zettle has the ambition to make everyday life easier for small business owners, and as part of that ambition they have identified the need to simplify administrative work related to accounting and bookkeeping. That’s why they wanted to create a smart, automated solution that integrates Zettle with the most common accounting software on various markets.

Sharespine’s mission

Sharespine has delivered their integrations platform to Zettle, within the framework of the business area of Embedded. This allows Zettle customers to automatically have their sales accounted for in the bookkeeping software they already use.

IInternationally viable

Sharespine launched an embedded integrations engine inside Zettle for the Nordic market in 2019.

With Zettle’s launch in the US, Sharespine has also integrated the American bookkeeping system QuickBooks Online, to help their users in the US tap into smooth and automated bookkeeping of all their sales.

As a part of this push, Sharespine has also developed support for Sales Tax, the tax system used on the American market, within the integrations platform itself. This complements the existing VAT system of the platform and creates the possibility of managing sales data on more markets globally.

INTEGRATION Find out how easy it is to get started with the Zettle by PayPal – Quickbooks Online integration
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