Enter EU sales for bookkeeping and account for the correct VAT with OSS.

If you sell to private individuals in the EU you need to account for the new VAT regulations that come into effect on July 1st 2021 – One Stop Shop (OSS). In practice, you need to account for VAT at the rate that applies to the country in which your customer resides. On our platform you can choose to connect to our add-on service One Stop Shop (OSS) which filters and accounts for the correct VAT rate – regardless of the country your product is bought from.

Use conditions to define how sales data should be segmented down to the marketplace level, country and other regulations.
Established actions to define how sales are accounted for in your accounting system.
With a structured accounting system there are excellent conditions to manage your bookkeeping.

Checklist for structured management of your EU sales

1 Create an overview of which countries you sell to to have a good basis for further dialogue with external parties and suppliers.
2 Consult your accounting officer to set up a strategy and chart of accounts for the countries you are going to sell to.
3 Contact the platform providers you use for more information about any tools, opportunities and conditions that are available. It is the sales system's (e-commerce, marketplace, etc.) responsibility to charge the correct VAT rate based on which country the buyer is in. Sharespine then maps this information and passes it on to your business system for further handling and to facilitate compilation to the Tax Agency.
4 Keep in mind that support and information about different systems are now changing rapidly, so read more about current system compatibility in ours Help Center. Right now we have support for Fortnox and Visma Administration. You can order the additional service One Stop Shop (OSS) at the bottom of this page.
5 After the order, the delivery is planned in consultation with Sharespine.
6 After delivery, you test the flow together with your accounting manager to ensure that the data is correct. When everything is quality assured, you have good conditions and structure for selling in the EU according to the new rules with One Stop Shop (OSS).

Connectors with Support for EU Sales

Choose an accounting system and we will contact you

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One Stop Shop (OSS) Delivery project: Included
SEK 495 per month
  • Sharespine’s technical solution for One Stop Shop (OSS) gives you the ability to define conditions for how sales data should be segmented, down to the level of sales channel, country and other rules, to send it to the correct account in your accounting system
  • Underlying data for reports of sales are extracted from your accounting system for further processing.
  • Note that the underlying data from your sales channel must be correct with the correct VAT percentage depending on the country in which the buyer is located, for the data to be correctly sent to your accounting system.
  • The supplier project requires max 2h of help to get started with the integration and can normally be implemented within 10 days.
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