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PayEx Invoicing Free

Increase Your Chances of Getting Your Invoices Paid on Time.

With PayEx, businesses get invoice management that is more than just a "standard solution".

The service PayEx Invoicing is suitable for those who sell to other businesses and want full or partial assistance with their invoice management in one or more of our Nordic countries.

Sharespine helps you as a merchant to connect your order sources through an automatic flow with the service PayEx invoice management .
PayEx free
Flow diagram between the merchant, order source, PayEx invoice management, and accounting.
No additional fees for the integration

Our connection between your order source, such as your online store or your accounting system, to PayEx is completely free – including configuration & support.

PayEx Invoice Management

With PayEx’s invoice solutions, you can reach new customer groups without having to increase your risk.

Add Automated Accounting

As an additional service (depending on your accounting system), Sharespine can also offer automated accounting for your payments from Payex.

4 Simple Steps to Increase Payment for Your Sales

Check with Sharespine Start the process by submitting your system information to Sharespine for a technical and free review
Order the Service Once your technical review is complete, contact PayEx to make an agreement. When the agreement with PayEx is finalized, we will contact you to schedule the delivery & configuration of the service.
Onboarding During delivery, we will go through everything & set up the integration together with you so that you feel secure & ready to start.
Launch Now everything is ready & you can start selling with PayEx invoices to your business customers.

Enter Your Order System & Customer Data

Fill in your details and we will contact you for a free technical review

Invoice System
PayEx Invoicing Free Delivery project: Included
0 kr per month
    • PayEx Invoicing Free is a free service for those who want an automatic link between their order source and PayEx. The integration license itself is free, and we also include a small delivery project where we go through the functionality with you.
    • The delivery project involves a maximum of 1 hour of startup assistance to get the integration going and is normally completed within 14 days of receiving an order.
    • Note that only Sharespine's integration with Payex is free of charge.
    • The cost of the PayEx service is 295 kr/month + 8.95 kr per invoice. You order the service from PayEx, so fill in the form to the left and PayEx will contact you for more information.
    • Depending on the accounting system you use as a merchant, Sharespine may also offer automated bookkeeping of payouts from Payex, also at no additional cost.