If you like getting paid, but do not like paying back.

Now you no longer need to think about manually creating credit invoices for refunds. You also don’t need to find settlement files, register or bookkeep payments. Everything is automatically handled between your systems so that your customers can get the money back to their accounts – while you get more time to focus on other things.

When a product is returned to your webstore, Sharespine will create a return order connected to the original order.
Credit Invoices
The return flow in the Sharespine platform will then generate a credit invoice in your finance system and account for the refund.
When the refund has been issued by your payment provider it is automatically matched to the credit invoice in your finance system.

Here’s how settlement of payments & refunds work

1 The customer places an order in your e-commerce and pays for it, either using Klarna, Svea Checkout, Nets, PayPal, Stripe eller Shopify Payments.
2 The order is processed, either in the e-commerce or in your accounting system. Both versions work well for our Settlement & Refund services.
3 Once the order has been delivered the customer’s purchase is activated with your payment provider, the order is marked as paid and an invoice is created and accounted for in your payment system automatically.
4 When the payment provider pays you the money the transaction file is automatically matched with your ledgers and the respective payment provider in your accounting system. The payment provider fees and any tax are accounted for, also fully automated with the respective account. The invoice is marked as fully paid and concluded.
5 If the customer then asks for a return or refund you can trigger a refund of the order in your e-commerce system. Sharespine will then automatically create a return order connected to the initial order, and the customer is refunded partially or in full via the selected payment provider.
6 The automated invoice flow offered by Sharespine then creates a credit invoice based on the return order – and exports and accounts for it in your finance system.
7 When the payment has been made (in accordance with point 4) from your payment provider it is automatically matched to the credit invoice in your finance system, and the invoice is marked as regulated.

Connectors with support for refunds




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