Support & Service

Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry (with thousands of active clients), Sharespine has accumulated enormous know-how on e-commerce related integrations. We have witnessed hundreds of different combinations of systems and are skilled in combining general flows with customer-specific services.

As a new Sharespine customer, you will receive configuration assistance, guidance, and training on our integration platform throughout your contracted onboarding project


Once the onboarding project is complete, our Helpdesk handles any customer queries and basic support for the platform and services, which is mainly handled via email and our case management system but may also be provided via arranged telephone & video meetings. The basic support is included in your monthly license fee for our integration platform


In addition to the included basic support, as a customer, you can also receive more qualified support & consulting, what we call Service. Service can be delivered by Sharespine or any of our consulting partners (link). This service is usually charged per half hour or via a maintenance or premium agreement with the relevant partner/supplier.

When should you buy service?

  • When you need to change your flow.
  • When you change the way you work and want support from our expertise.
  • When you need more detailed troubleshooting related to third-party services

What type of matters requires paid service?

  • Installations and training of new connectors
  • Training of new employees on the platform
  • Help to modify/reconfigure existing integrations within the integration platform.
  • Whenever there are changes from a third party (a customer or its system/service provider) that require Sharespine to troubleshoot & spend time on issues that could not be controlled by Sharespine.
  • Agreed customer projects such as feasibility studies, customer-specific development, etc.
  • Consultancy services contracted by us or a partner to maintain, arrange, or improve the customer's product data (so-called product enrichment).
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